Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching up

The Immeritus SPEW knit along project was finished about the 9th. Happy to say that I can now do cables with very little trouble. I did like the hat pattern enough to consider it for gifts later this year.

Am back to the socks. Managed to make the flap and get the heel turned, but I don't think it's terribly pretty at this time. I am seriously considering frogging the silly thing for the sake of making a slightly smaller sock among other things. I also don't much care for the yarn now that it's working up - it's a 75%/25% wool/acrylic blend, but it's really itchy and I'm wondering how comfy this yarn could possibly be on the feet! I'm going to have to look at softer versions of some sort of wool or cotton blend. Cashmere would be divine, but I don't know if I could justify that sort of expense.

The Tilli Tomas beaded yarn project is going along alright. It really should have been done by now, but I'm finding the yarn rather annoying to work with, although it looks exceptionally beautiful in daylight, with the variations in the strands as well as the glimmer of the glass beads lending a different dimension to the texture.

Have some ideas for accessories to sell on Etsy. I don't think I can go back to my day job - I just don't. So I would have to be on the ball and sew at least six hours a day. We'll see - possible samples to come later ;)