Monday, October 12, 2009

Break for creativity

I have to admit I bit off a lot more than I could (mentally) chew with my grad program. It's not a great fit for me. Anyway, it had occurred to me that I hadn't done anything with any sort of fiber that was new, and I looked at a class schedule for one of my favorite local shops, Piecemakers , and signed up for the Fortuny Rose workshop with a local fiber artist, Arlene Baker. Seven hours later, voila, the French wired ribbon rose above.

Honestly, if this program turns out not to be the thing for me, which is a very strong possibility, I need to get off the fence and just start producing things that make me happy, and sell them. I like the idea of selling on Etsy. I just want to do my thing in my little cushy cave and get out to go buy supplies or go to the post office to deliver the packages.

Considering some of the people who I've taken workshops with - Arlene, Candace Kling, as well as classes with Mela Hoyt-Haden, and considering it's been 45 years since my grandmother first showed me how to wield an embroidery needle, I think I've got enough of a background to get paid. I got paid to work in the costume shop at the Fullerton C.L.O. My stuff has been onstage at Fullerton College, as well as some of my schools from way back. I've seen people sell some things that look really sweet, but homemade and unprofessional. I think I stand a pretty good chance of selling something!