Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Now that I've quit my day job, I need to get serious and start sewing for folks for money. Today I picked up some curtains from a friend so I can hem them for a smaller window on her back door. No big deal, I don't believe it will take me more than an hour. And she did offer to pay. So I've been checking out what the other ladies are charging out in cyber space, and for women who have the experience I have, they're saying don't accept less than $20 an hour. Between $20 and $30 an hour seems to be the thing for professional looking results, especially when it comes to RenFaire garb and bridal. So I'm pretty sure I need to charge at least $20 to pay myself what I'm worth. Sure I can knock a dress out in eight hours. Which would put my services in line with what someone would pay for a dress at Nordstrom or Macy's. But the dress would be fitted to my client and not need further alterations. And in all likelihood, it would be better made than something off the rack. So I shant feel too guilty. I'm thinking of banging out some waist cinchers and underbust corsets to sell on Etsy - forget eBay. I don't want anyone haggling with me over prices. I'm good with a sewing machine and hand needles. I deserve to earn a fair living, and I know that there are still folks around here who can afford me.