Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to?

- make a creative business profitable. That's what I want to know. I know what I would prefer to make per hour ($20). I'm looking at craft sites to see what the going rate is for certain things that I do. And aside from finding a way to dial up my productivity and make things fast (without losing quality), I think it would be hard to price in such a way that I could make the sort of money I want to make in this economy.

On top of that, how does one sell on Etsy or other craft sites without having original ideas stolen or undercut. I still haven't forgotten the experience of our table at the Claremont Colleges arts and crafts fair last year - we thought we were pricing our knit goods, jewelry, paper goods fairly. Then there was some table up the way with some folks selling the same sorts of things using crap materials and selling for rock bottom prices. How is someone supposed to compete with crap like that? I'd like to say quality will out, but think of the questions from women asking what we'd done then having them walk away, probably to try and replicate what we'd made on their own.