Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Laura Ashley Brides

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get to scanning.  I don't have a date on this catalog, but I want to presume it's around 1983 or 84.  I have to admit that this edition of the bridal line was not among my favorites.  In my opinion they were tweaking details from the existing day line and some of the frills and inserts are simply awkward.  However, as always, the styling is unique to Laura Ashley, and the accessories are lovely.  Sorry that this did not come out in sequential order; next time I will have to upload pictures one at a time!  I love the setting for the photoshoot; it looks like it might be the Glastonbury or Whitby Abbey ruins.  I also like the sleeve on the Ophelia gown which is featured on the cover.  It's very like a sleeve on a custom gown that Gina Fratini made for the late Princess Diana that she wore for the opening of Parliament about 83 or 84.  Click on an image to see the full sized pages.  Enjoy...

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