Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not knitting...

While running errands, I was able to find a couple of yummy fabrics to get the projects started for our Jane Austen evening outfits. I found a beautiful white shirting cotton with a tiny diamond pattern woven in for John's shirt that will be the bottom layer of his dragoon/formal evening ensemble. I found a beautiful pink fabric that has a striped lattice pattern woven in white for my Regency dress. I'm going to flatline it in white muslin. Will post photos when I have a spare moment to actually take them. More than ever, I feel the need to be doing something, and truth be told, I haven't lifted my needles for a couple of weeks, despite having the intent to do so. I want to find a white denim or other white twill for an 1820's corset. I'll be doing some modifications to make it Regency proper, but I just feel the need for the proper underpinnings for this dress. It's the long-sleeved Sense and Sensibility drawstring dress. I'd been planning on a turkey red or indigo; however, considering how r/l demands have been changing, I want a dress in a pale enough color that I could use it as a ball dress in a pinch.

eep...the finished watch cap, in case anyone was interested ;p

Finished watchcap

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mari said...

Cute hat. Looks warm. :)